Who’s the Chef?

I find recipes in magazines, cookbooks, facebook, other blogs, pinterest, etc, and I try them out – e.g. The Best enchiladas ever!!! And I make them and I think… these are not the best enchiladas ever, and I alter the recipe to make them better 😉 So I think i’m kind of “snobby” when it comes to other people’s recipes 😉

I love to cook, and I do love to share recipes and pics of food with friends via social media. But when I do, pretty much every time I include the link to the recipe I say, “But I omitted this and changed this” or “next time, I definitely would change this”. I hate clicking on a recipe that says “Best ever” or “perfect” or “ultimate”. I always think I can tailor it to make it a bit different, fit my tastes more, or make it easier to prepare.

So that’s me, your chef for the day

You can reach me at backyardrecipes@gmail.com


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